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Travel Tips

Become a travel-savvy using Trek Wanderer's best money-saving guide.


  1. Choose flexible dates


Flight prices can differ depending on the season, day and even time you travel, so do proper research and book flights early as possible. Few websites like Example will help you compare flight prices for a whole month so you can pick the cheapest day to fly.   


  1. Checkout for deals and coupon


Most airlines run promotions and discounts from time to time, which can help you save a lot of money. Checkout for deals and coupons in forums based on your travel to a cheap bargain.   


  1. Lookout for holidays


Make sure you avoid peak travel seasons and holidays like Easter and Christmas or grab a deal before the prices jump up. Avoiding peak seasons can help you with cheaper flights and less busy destinations.


  1. Use local trains and buses


Before you arrive at the destination, use Google maps to check out train routes and bus routes to help you get to the places you want, avoiding high price cabs.


  1. Choose your room wisely


Don't book your rooms near a remote location like near Eiffel tower or Taj Mahal you might end up with tiny bedrooms and high prices. Better book a place a little far from the city which has access to trains and buses to help you get to your favorite destinations.



  1. Use apps for booking hotels


Use apps that can help you prepare book rooms before you arrive at your destination. Check reviews on Google and other sites before booking and look out for deals too.


  1. Walk like a local.


There is nothing better than walking when you first arrive at your destination. Enjoy the breeze and rejoice your moment and walk a little to get the feel of the place.


  1. Travel light


Wear your extra items instead of overloading your case. A luggage jacket with good luggage bag is more enough to get the maximum you can get on the plane. Weigh your luggage before you leave home to avoid extra baggage charges at the airport. Check out our website for the best luggage for your travel here


  1. Install all the necessary apps.


Smartphones can become your best money-saving travel buddy with the right amount of apps like travel guides, translator, and phrasebooks. Download these apps, and you will not only save money but also a lot of space from your luggage. If you're traveling through Europe, DB Navigator is an excellent app which lets you check prices, and book train rides on the go. 


  1. Check for Free WiFi


Few apps like WiFi buddy can help you discover free WiFi locations to save you money on hefty data roaming charges when you travel to a different location.


  1. Eat and Shop like a local


The best thing to enjoy the place you visit is to do things like a local. Go out and shop things like a local and eat food from shops. Use translator to talk to people if needed and bargain if you think the amount you pay is high.